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ECOSYSTEM controls lighting, heating and air conditioning systems to reduce energy consumption when rooms are unoccupied to save 30:65% of the rooms' electricity's cost using intelligent sensors without compromising the guest's satisfaction.
Smart Automation Offers Easy to use, Flexible and Elegant Solution Packaged for Residential, Business and hotels, with the smart solutions you can easily control the lighting, air conditioning, sound systems, curtains and any other electrical device.
SES offers the Motorized curtains that add distinction to any living space and are great for home theaters too. It mainly offers tubular motor, Venetian blinds drive, Vertical blinds drive, curtain motor, control system and relative accessories.
Allow you to avoid any inconvenience could be happened because of electricity problems, Save money and stabilize your overheads during the coming period that the electricity cost could be changed anytime.
Our Partners

We are very pleased to announce our partnership with CORPLEASE (CIB bank subsidiary); with the leasing option you can pay the cost of the systems as a down payment and monthly payments up to 48 months.

Corp Lease Corporate Leasing Co.

Corplease Bldg. B 2112, Smart Village - Km 28 Cairo Alexandria Desert Rd. 6th Of October, Giza

19490, 02-35311000

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