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On Grid

Solar Energy, Clean and Renewable Energy - for Free

Sun is for everyone, you won't pay for the sun. In SES we provide you with multiple choices to get the optimum benefits from the Sun that fits each one's need perfectly.

On Grid Stations

Now you can install your solar station and connect it to the national electricity grid, so you can save more money and have a running business for 25 years.


You will be charged as net-metering, meaning that your generated electricity from the solar station will be consumed, and the extra generated power will be stored on the national grid, and at the end of the month your consumption from the national grid will be deducted from your stored power, and you will pay the difference if there any, and at the end of every financial year you will get paid for any remaining stored power = 0.71 LE / KW.


  • The power generated by your solar system will only be usable at the same time, and there will be times when you won’t consume all produced power, and in such case, you need batteries to store the extra produced power; and the batteries will increase the cost of the solar station.
  • You can use the National Grid as Batteries, so the extra produced power will be stored on it, and you will consume them later when needed, without any extra cost or maintenance.

How to get it working

You need to follow these steps to have your solar station up and running

Request Financial & technical Offer

You will contact us to provide you with the offer that suits your current needs according to your place’s condition.

Present the Technical file to the Electricity Co.

The technical file will be presented to the distribution company, which will examine it according to the technical codes.

Get Approval and make a contract with Electricity Co.

Get distribution company’s approval to install the solar station and sign the net metering contract.

Installing Station and Operating it

SES will install the station once the financial offer is approved by the customer, and it will be ready to connect to the grid once approved.

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