Solar Solutions
  • Water Heating

  • SES have a wide range of solar water heating solutions; divided by its capacity to 150, 300 Liter and the collectors that can make us heat limitless quantity of water that can be used in swimming pools and the hotels kitchens.

  • SES offers many types of the solar heating solutions:
    • Compact solar water heater
                            Non-pressure flat plate solar water heater
                            Non-pressure solar water heater
                            Pressurized double tank solar water heater
                            Pressurized flat plate solar water heater
                            Pressurized heat pipe solar water heater
                            Pressurized pre-heated solar water heater
    • Solar collector
                            CPC collector
                            DMG65-II collector
                            Flat plate collector FPC1200A
                            Flat plate collector FPC1200D
                            Heat pipe collector R1
                            Heat pipe collector R2
                            Heat pipe collector R5
                            Non-pressure project collector
                            U pipe collector
    • Heat pump
                            Commercial Heat Pump
  • Lighting

  • SES have different solar lighting solutions that fits all the customers’ needs from emergency lighting kits that can work from 6 to 8 hours daily to street solar lighting solutions 3-8 meters, and the garden solar lighting solutions that allow the customers to save the wiring cost and make their gardens safer.

      Solar Garden lighting Solutions
      Solar Street lighting Solutions
  • Solar Emergency Kit
  • Solar Pathway

  • With SES solar pathway solutions; you can easily create a special paths for the trucks, cars and for the guests without cabling or batteries changing; it works based on the solar energy storage that lasts for 5 years, the solar path lights could be used as a directional signs by allocating special color for each sector and make the lights guide the guest to the sector without even asking for an assistance.

                            Solar Brick Serie
                            Solar Road Stud Series
  • Power generation

  • SES have offers an On Grid or Off Grid solar power stations, the on grid solutions used if we need to generate an electricity during the day light only and after the sunset we can use the governmental electricity; and for total independence SES offers the off Grid system that can work totally without any other electricity source what make it fits perfectly for the standby or emergency uses and for the areas that out of electricity coverage.

  • Water pumping

  • SES offers the solar water pumping solutions that fits perfectly with the Farms owners in Egypt; SES offers the pumps and the solar system based on the well depth and the required water flow for the farm irrigation.
      - For more info please download the technical datasheets

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