Smart Hospitality Solutions
  • Energy management Solutions:

  • With SES Energy management solutions we can easily decrease the rooms electricity consumption from 30 t70%; our system can easily feel if the guest inside or outside the room and can even maintain the room temperature acceptable for the guest, that’s main we are reducing the cost and increasing the guest comfortability at the same time and the best thing is we have a wired and wireless versions that can make SES easily work on the working hotels taking the same time that housekeeping takes tinstall the system and without any damage in the room.

    The system consists of PIR, door and window sensors and HVAC controller (for more technical details please download the technical sheet).

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  • Smart Hotel:

  • With Smart Hotel Solutions you can differentiate your hotel and attract a new segment of guest and accordingly you can increase the smart room rental fees, simply you will increase your hotel’s profitability, enhance your Hotel’s image, increase the guest loyalty and get a new unique selling point in the market that positioning your hotel your hotel as a smart hotel is very prestigious.

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  • Motion Sensing:

  • With our motion sensing solutions for outdoor and indoor areas you will get a magical touch in your place and save electricity and money accordingly, SES motion sensing solutions can work inside the rooms (in front of the room door), in front of the elevators, in the public bathrooms and common areas and even with the landscape lighting.

                            Motion Sensing
  • Water sensors:

  • SES have a water saving solutions can work with your common areas tabs that we have a solution can be added tthe regular tabs tconvert it tbe RF taps

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  • Solar Heaters:

  • SES offers a wide range of the solar heating solutions starting from the Non pressurized solar heaters, pressurized water heaters tthe heating stations, that will be very beneficial in the guest rooms, swimming pools, and even for the kitchens that our solar heaters tanks made of stainless steel considered very safe tbe used in water boiling.

  • Solar Pathway Lights:

  • SES offers a wide range of pathway solar lighting solutions, the most important thing about this solutions is there is nneed for cabling or change batteries every few months that the solar pathways working for around 20 years without maintenance except changing the batteries every few years, alsthe solar pathways can be used tdirect the guest ttheir rooms easily without even asking the hotel team.

  • Solar Power Generation:

  • SES have offers an On Grid or Off Grid solar power stations, the on grid solutions used if we need to generate an electricity during the day light only and after the sunset we can use the governmental electricity; and for total independence SES offers the off Grid system that can work totally without any other electricity source; what make it fits perfectly for the standby or emergency uses and for the areas that out of electricity coverage.

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