Energy Management

SES presents ECOSYSTEM supplied by Eour occupancy based room energy automation solution. This is the result of constant improvement over the last 15 years and is highly optimized to produce consistent energy saving performance with unparalleled occupant comfort. Tailored for exacting commercial hotel environments, but flexible enough to be used just about anywhere with a room and an HVAC.

  • Independently controls HVAC, lights and other electrical loads.

  • Comes in wireless or hardwired configurations for new construction or retrofit environments.

  • Works will almost every HVAC system including fancoils, splits, mini-splits, multi-splits, heat pumps and PTACs.

  • Wireless solution can be installed into 100% occupied hotel with minimal invasiveness.

  • Advanced algorithm ensures controlled HVAC cycling and comfortable occupant environment.

  • Based on multiple award-winning, true, tried and tested control strategy.

  • Includes Programmable Control Panel/Receiver, Front Door Monitors, Balcony Door Monitors, PIR Presence Monitors, Temperature Monitors, Stand-alone or I/O Capability.

  • Zone energy savings of 30%-60% with overall building energy reduction of 7%-15%.

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