Admin Buildings Solutions
  • Smart Building Solutions:

  • SES gives the Administrative buildings a new point to differentiate themselves; that positioning your building as a smart building will make your clients feel you are different and unique company; and in the same time you will control your building and save energy and money; also you can monitor the employees’ attendance and controls the levels of authorization that will allow to some of them to enter certain areas and prevent others from entering this areas, and the offices will react with the employeesand switch on the AC and lights incase if their inside the office and when they leave it will be switched off.

  • Motion Sensing Solutions:

  • SES can add a magical touch to you place by installing our motion sensors that will make the lights and AC react with the building user to be working if anyone on the place and to switch it off if no one there.

                            Motion Sensing
  • Water sensors:

  • SES can make you save water and at the same time avoid changing your tabs; that we offer small elegant device to be added to the regular tabs to convert it to Infra Red (IR) Tabs with no need for any electrical cabling or expensive new Infra Red Tabs, the smart water sensor make the regular tab working just if the user put his/her hand under the tab directly.

                            Water saver flyer
  • Solar Heaters:

  • SES offers a wide range of the solar heating solutions starting from the Non pressurized solar heaters, pressurized water heaters to the heating stations, that will be very beneficial in the bath rooms, swimming pools, etc.

  • Solar Power Generation:

  • SES have offers an On Grid or Off Grid solar power stations, the on grid solutions used if we need to generate an electricity during the day light only and after the sunset we can use the governmental electricity; and for total independence SES offers the off Grid system that can work totally without any other electricity source; what make it fits perfectly for the standby or emergency uses and for the areas that out of electricity coverage.

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