Smart Engineering Solutions “SES”

Since 2008 Smart Engineering Solutions (SES) has been established and its’ mission was making the world better place; by saving the energy, the environment and increase our customers’ profitability also offering them a high return on their investments.

Smart Engineering Solutions serving the customers using different solutions like:

Increasing the profitability of the organizations’ owners such as Hotels, factories, farms, hospitals, buildings, …etc. by integrating several solutions like solar systems that can generate electricity, heat water, light the places, irrigate the farms.

Converting the customer’s building from regular building to be a smart building what makes the customer can control the lights, air conditions, curtains, security systems, sound systems, gardens’ irrigation and the audio visuals using different interfaces like remote control, Ipad, Iphone, Android phones or tabs what gives the customer an edge of controlling everything anywhere and defently such system can increase the customer’s organization’s value and increase the profitability.

Reducing the electricity consumption specially in the hospitality buildings like the hotels, motels and hospitals, that SES offers a solutions that can decrease the organization’s electricity consumption by 50% of the total hotel or hospital’s consumption or up to 70% of the rooms electricity consumption what will increase the organization’s profitability automatically.

Finally SES so proud to represent group of the most important companies worldwide in the solar energy, Energy management and smart buildings systems, Also SES so proud to serve group of the most important local and international corporations and bunch of the most important business leaders in the region.

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